photo Andre Weidlich
Duo Discus
4655 pts.
CLUB photo Gerrard G. Dale
United Kingdom
ASW 24
4139 pts.
15M photo Tomasz Rubaj
SZD 56 Diana 2
4358 pts.
OPEN photo Wolfgang Janowitsch
Ventus 2C/18m
4114 pts.

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Competition - 9th Apr 2010

2010-04-09 17:58:13

All gliders are counted and most of them completed the task. It was a nice day.

2010-04-09 16:59:33

IHE, W, CX on the tenth. The clouds have already covered the sun and the wind increased to 10mps with the gust wind up to 15mps. South is still clear and we are waiting for more gliders to come.

2010-04-09 16:45:45

LM, PX, WG, PM, YA on the final. N1 outlanded right in front of the airport, but the task should be valid for him. The middle level clouds are right above us at the moment and are moving to the east.

2010-04-09 16:34:11

N2, VS, OXX, N6, WY,DI, WZ on the ground. The middle level clouds are approaching and the wind is rising. The front is near.

2010-04-09 16:20:11

LL, HI, ER, IM, 2CI on the final glide. The wind has strenghten up to 10mps.

2010-04-09 16:13:33

WV, CL, 01, 101, RS, ZF, SL, FLI  ten k.  

2010-04-09 16:12:01

It´s nice and sunny outside. There are cumulus clouds visible and thermals are still working. The front has already passed the western Slovak border, but it´s not influencing the weather above Nitra so far.

2010-04-09 15:58:15

FL, 1D, L2, LG, DL, LOT, 232, LS, Y1, DZ, PE, BK, 6, CC on final. The group landings look great from the tower:)  DL landed on the airfield without the wheel. SJ1 is outlanded.  

2010-04-09 15:56:06

SV, M6, 247, DZ, YD, YX, T1, W1 are the first ones back from the task. 777 on 8th km, WG, ALB and DX 10km. Runway in use 33, wind is 6mps.

2010-04-09 12:38:00

All gliders are in the air.

2010-04-09 12:30:41

Start line for double seaters will be opened at  12:42. For the club class it will be at 12:46. The open class is almost all up in the air.

The sun is shining and it´s really warm outside. The sky is full of cumulus clouds, but  they do not look as good as those ones from yesterday. But you never know:)))

2010-04-09 12:05:19

All gliders from 15M class are in the air. Start line for them will be opened at 12:32.

2010-04-09 11:28:06

Starts have started. 15M class and the club class is being taken to the air.

2010-04-09 10:32:53

Pilots still have some time until the launching starts. It is planned for 11:30 again so the pilots have enough time to finish their task before the front comes. Accoarding to the recent weather informations it is now located in the middle of Czech republic and it is moving towards our area. We hope the creation of thermals will slow it down a little bit, but first middle-layer clouds might appear above us around 4pm. All classes received racing tasks heading to the north first and then to the south, south-east due to the expecting front. We wish all pilots good luck during the whole flight but especially on the final glide. Calculation of it might be quite a challenge;)


2010-04-09 08:14:26

Good morning.

It´s already Friday and we are expecting a flyable day. There are few clouds above Nitra that were predicted and should disappear soon. Runway in use is 33. The grid starts with the 15M class and the open class is in the back. The tasks are aimed both to the hills and lowlands. During the late afternoon the front should reach our area and we might expect it to be here around 6pm.