photo Andre Weidlich
Duo Discus
4655 pts.
CLUB photo Gerrard G. Dale
United Kingdom
ASW 24
4139 pts.
15M photo Tomasz Rubaj
SZD 56 Diana 2
4358 pts.
OPEN photo Wolfgang Janowitsch
Ventus 2C/18m
4114 pts.

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Competition - 4th Apr 2010

2010-04-04 21:28:16

At the end of the day, I would like to say one big thank you to the people working in the office and scoring office, who does not have a time off during the whole day, not even after the starts of the gliders. We really appreciate your work:)

2010-04-04 19:35:41

Note for Alex Trovalusci: you have forgotten your diary in the bar. It is here waiting for you :)

2010-04-04 19:33:00

All gliders are counted. To see the recent results check

2010-04-04 17:42:07

NIT, 777, SEI, SJ1, Y1 safely on the ground.

2010-04-04 17:21:51

We have just received some information about outlandings: 86, CL, DC, SN, DF, YZ, BF, GR, IHE, 352, EJ, W8, 7007, FLI, FX, SI, M3, WY, WZ, 70, EG, 4A and WV were unfotunately not able to make it home.

2010-04-04 17:13:01

More gliders home. There have been some outlandings reported. Some trailers have already departed from the airfield.

2010-04-04 16:56:21

IE, L1, PB have landed.

2010-04-04 16:49:06

BG, 247, IM at home. L1 10km.

2010-04-04 16:40:42

GF, W1, EK, CC on final

2010-04-04 16:32:43

LSI, VI, RP, MM, DL on the ground. D2 10km

2010-04-04 16:23:29

N1, AX, JB, FL, NG have just landed at the airport.

2010-04-04 16:17:18

BP, FL, LB, HD, No6 are home despite the thick layer of the clouds spreading over Nitra. More gliders are on the final. Wind has south direction 7 mps.

2010-04-04 16:12:11

Some gliders are already home. We are all impatiently waiting to see whether they finished the task.

2010-04-04 14:16:19

All gliders are in the air. The weather improved greatly in the direction of the planned tasks.

2010-04-04 13:50:51

Don´t forget to check out the webcams to see what the weather looks like above Nitra :)

2010-04-04 13:40:09

Launching is in process and it looks quite busy at the grid. The weather looks great. The window we were expecting has come and cumulus clouds appeared. The wind is still strong, but it has runway direction. Tasks are not long so we hope everyone will be able to complete the tasks and there will be nice highest speed achieved :)

2010-04-04 12:27:07

Launching is moved and confirmed for 13:00pm.

2010-04-04 11:33:18

Starts are moved to 12:30. The weather is slightly improving. There are some cumulus clouds near Prievidza and on the north. The problem with electricity is fixed.

2010-04-04 11:18:04

There is no electricity at the airport right now due to high usage of electric devices. We hope we will be able to fix it soon.

2010-04-04 10:47:45

Briefing is over and tasks are set. Each class received assigned area task with the task time 2 hours. For the club class it is from 110,4 to 232,6km, the 15M class 133 - 307,5 km, 129,3 - 320,5km for 20M and 2-SEATS, and 127,2 - 352,6km for the open class. The weather does not look very friendly, there is still a thick layer of the clouds above Nitra. We hope for a window that might possibly come so our competitors will get a chance to fly today. The wind is strong, about 10 meters per second and gust wind about 18 mps. Launching is planned for 12:00 LOC.

2010-04-04 09:58:44

Everybody is heading to the hangar. Briefing is about to start. We will see what tasks are prepared for today.

2010-04-04 08:05:27

Day 2

Good morning. We hope for the flying day again despite strong SE wind (up to 10 m/s) and cirrus clouds above. Runway will be 15. Grid will be open from 09:00 local time. The only change in gridding is that self-launching open class gliders will be positioned behing club class grid.