CLUB photo Jakob Schreiber
3359 pts.
OPEN photo Petr Krejcirik
AS 33 Es 18m
1943 pts.

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Competition - 2nd Apr 2024

2024-04-02 08:23:38

Today's competition brought a compelling mix of conditions, blending ridge soaring, thermal lifts, and the occasional convergence zone, creating a dynamic environment for pilots. Those flying at lower altitudes faced challenges as the wind slowed, further complicated by intermittent rain showers that added an element of unpredictability to their flights. The more successful strategy emerged for pilots who sought higher altitudes, where they could leverage weaker thermals and areas with reduced sink along the ridges. This approach allowed some aviators to extend their flights to notable destinations like Vtáčnik near Prievidza.

Pilots who managed to climb to around 900QNH found themselves in an advantageous position, reaching beneficial ridges that facilitated great progress across the track. As the day wore on, a decline in thermal activity was observed towards the evening, yet pilots who had launched later in the day were still able to make their way back to the finish. This testament to their strategic foresight and the day's complex weather conditions highlighted the importance of altitude and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing environments. Today's flying was not just a test of piloting skill but also a demonstration of strategic decision-making and adaptability in the face of nature's unpredictability.