CLUB photo Jakob Schreiber
3359 pts.
OPEN photo Petr Krejcirik
AS 33 Es 18m
1943 pts.

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Competition - 31st Mar 2024

2024-03-31 14:30:19

Starts were completed within 40 minutes. Currently, many gliders are still after the second or third turnpoints. The top competitors have reached impressive altitudes of up to 1800 QNH. Ridge conditions remain favorable for flying.

2024-03-31 12:15:00

The anticipation is over! The first start for today's competition is confirmed for 12:30. Pilots, prepare to take flight and showcase your skills in the skies!

2024-03-31 10:32:34

Today's tasks mirror yesterday's, with the only change being an extended task time set to 1:45. Club class ranges from 110 to 225 km, and open class from 139 to 251 km. The first launch is expected at 12:30.

2024-03-31 08:49:04

Good morning! Today follows yesterday's plan: Grid at 15L for club and open classes opens at 9:00. Briefing at 10:00. First start at 12:00.

Let’s have another great day!